Cybersecurity is serious business.

Studies show over half of all small businesses will face a Cyber attack in their time. Of those attacked, up to 60% will go out of business within 6 months of being attacked.

Contrary to popular belief, hackers don’t just target big companies, they target everyone, the more you use the internet, the more likely hackers will target you.

However, cutting yourself off from the internet is not a solution, it has become so ingrained in our day to day lives, any business not online would struggle.

What we need, is a plan for you that both protects, and provides processes in case the worst happens.

We can help.

Risk Identification 

– Are you at risk? Is your anti virus software out of date? To be protected you need to understand where the gaps are. Only then can we start to create a security plan.

Virus And Hacking Protection 

– I will bet when you leave the house you lock the door. Most cars these days have an automatic lock setting for when you are driving. Even your business has, at least, a padlock and some chain. Your IT system is no different. You need protection to prevent unwanted guests coming in and going through your data.

Management And Access Control

– stopping security breeches. Not all stolen data is from the outside, we like to the think the best of everyone, but we still need to make sure your data is secured. Management and Access Control lets you give your employees all the access they need while still managing your company’s resources.

Tailored Security Solutions

– Business security is not a one size fits all approach, your business is a unique as you are, you need a security solution to meet your business needs, without going overboard.

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