As a small business Cloud Computing can allow you to have a strong, reliable, quick IT environment, with no huge outlay, or expensive ongoing costs.

Cloud services offer a range of benefits for businesses such as


–  Being able to Upscale or downgrade your services as you need, is a huge advantage to your business, and your cash flow.  You have the option to add additional services to meet a sudden increase in demand, or remove old services you may not need.


– In most instances the cloud is more secure than anything you could do to protect it. They estimate loss of sensitive data caused by damaged, lost, or stolen equipment to be a multi-million dollar problem. Cloud computing helps reduce those problems by storing your data off site. You can retrieve the data and keep working, regardless of what happens to your machine. You can also wipe data from stolen or lost data remotely for extra peace of mind.

Work From Anywhere

– Do you have staff constantly on the road? Are you traveling often and can’t get into the office. Cloud computing allows you the freedom to work from anywhere, with the ability for real time collaboration, and data back up. No more wasting time sending countless emails about updates, upload it, and let everyone see the changes.


– The costs of having your own onsite IT infrastructure can add up, there is the server, IT Technicians, upgrades, repairs, power usage, the list goes on. With Cloud computing, you can eliminate most of those costs, with the added advantage of not having to outlay any colossal lump sum of money, helping you organise your cash flow and budgeting.

These are just the top 4 benefits, as you can see, they offer a compelling argument. Timeless Technology can handle all your cloud needs, we will make the transition easy, and painless for you, and let you reap the rewards.

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